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Dr. S. James Shafer

Dr. S. James Shafer, a local resident since 1977, has practiced adult neurology in Vero Beach and the surrounding area since 1997.

From 1997 to 2016, Dr. Shafer practiced in a multi-specialty group and in 2016 ventured into solo practice and formed Vero Beach Neurology and Research Institute. He is the founder and Medical Director of The Multiple Sclerosis Center of Vero Beach that was formed in 2001 and has cared for thousands of MS patients worldwide. While he treats all neurological disorders he is a nationally recognized MS specialist. Additionally, he has expertise in cerebrovascular disease and stroke, and is the founder and current Medical Director of the Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital Stroke Program.

Dr. Shafer completed his Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Nutritional Biochemistry graduating summa cum laude at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida in 1988. He then graduated from Medical School at the University of Miami at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida in 1993.

This was followed by a one year Internal Medicine Internship at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Returning to Gainesville in 1994, he completed his residency in Adult Neurology in 1997 at the University of Florida at Shands Teaching Hospital.

Professional activities include being the current Department Chairman of Neurology and Psychiatry at Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital, Medical Director of the Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital Stroke Program, Executive Committee member and Vice President of the Indian River County Medical Society, Executive Board Member and Physician Volunteer to the WE CARE program of Indian River County and Associate Professor of Neurology at Florida State University Fort Pierce, Florida campus.

Dr. Shafer is actively involved in neurological research of MS, Stroke, Epilepsy and Parkinson’s Disease and has completed and served as a Sub-Principal Investigator in over 50 national and international clinical research trials.  Additionally, he is a Speaker Consultant and Advisory Board Consultant to several major pharmaceutical companies.

He and his wife Helen are active community supporters that serve and have supported many charitable organizations:  The Education Foundation, Association of Retarded Citizens (ARC), Youth Sailing Foundation, Wheels and Keels Foundation, Senior Resource Association (SRA), The Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Association, Co-Founder House of Champions Rock Steady Boxing for Parkinson’s Disease,  the Live Like Cole Foundation and others. Dr. Shafer is a volunteer member of the Board of Directors for the National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum and he and his wife travel regularly in support of the museum’s mission Nationwide.

Other business ventures include owning and operating JHS-5 Enterprises, d.b.a. Einstein Brothers Bagels, with four locations in Indian River and Brevard County. The company is built upon the premise of “Community First.” Einstein Brothers Bagels sponsors dozens of programs and events annually in both Brevard and Indian River Counties.

Dr. Shafer and Helen have been married for 30 years and together they have raised 5 children. Their oldest daughter Ann-Marie and her husband Mike Muller and middle son Robert live in Vero Beach. Their oldest son Art lives in Miami and their youngest son Danny and his wife Abbie live in Denver. Joanne married to Dani the youngest lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Dr. and Mrs. Shafer have 4 grandchildren Allison and Charlotte in Vero Beach along with Hank and Audie in Denver.

Christi Buck

Hi. My name is Christi Buck. I am not your typical Dietitian/Nutritionist, my approach is from an integrative and functional standpoint. This approach is firmly rooted in the belief that the body has the capacity to heal itself if given the right tools. Hearing your health story, challenges, getting to the root cause, and address the whole body. I understand what it is like to feel sick. I had my own history of health challenges which I have overcome. I want to help you get solutions to your illness. With a hands-on approach my clients will be seen through to the end. I pride myself in my professional experiences, extensive education and certifications in order to apply my knowledge to help YOU! Addressing inflammation and the microbiome of the gut is where I start.

Elise Mahovlich

Founder, Living Yoga studio, Living Yoga with Elise
Certified Kripalu Yoga teacher
Certified Prenatal Yoga teacher
Reiki 3rd Degree Teaching Master

Elise has been practicing yoga since 1995, coming to the discipline with great curiosity.

In 2004, she received her yoga teacher certification from the Kripalu School of Yoga in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. That year, she moved to Vero Beach from New York and founded Living Yoga studio. She has many thousands of hours of teaching experience, has taught students with all degrees of health, fitness and yoga experience. She continues to hone her personal and professional skills taking advanced education from her yoga mentors and other teaching masters.

She says, “Yoga is the synthesis of the wisdom of movement, presence of mind and grace through breath. It is the tool that allows me to experience the infinite through the finite. My teacher training is grounded in the heart-centered lineage of Kripalu Yoga, the yoga of compassion and a practice of meditation in motion.

My yoga mat is ground zero, an unconditionally loving and accepting piece of real estate.

My personal practice inspires my teaching. I hope to instill a sense of wonder, awe and pure pleasure in students.”

Logan Henderson

Logan Henderson has been a Massage Therapist for 17 years. He is trained in Neuromuscular and Medical Massage treatment modalities. He is a III Degree Certified Reiki Practitioner and a Certified in Raindrop Technique with Young Living Oils and Vita Flex, utilizing 100 percent therapeutic grade Essential Oils to bring balance and harmony to the body by combining targeted massage techniques and distinctive energy approaches.

Logan is married with 4 beautiful children. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family, working out, and various meditation and mindfulness practices.

In addition to his therapeutic qualifications, Logan is also a Certified Bridge Inspector, Licensed Boat Captain, Certified Rope Access Technician and Certified Diver.

Lisa Terry, MSW, LCSW

Lisa Terry is a Licensed Psychotherapist and has been in private practice in Vero Beach, FL for the last 23 years.

Lisa received her graduate degree from Florida State University in 1991. Her approach to mental wellness is built around the profound power of “our beliefs and thoughts” making mindfulness the perfect vehicle for transformation from pain to comfort, and chronic discontent to a quality of life. The method Lisa created and, currently, uses is MindWelltm.

Lisa is dedicated to staying current on the latest scientific research on the effectiveness of mindfulness, mindfulness-cognitive-behavioral therapy, and spiritual psychotherapy. Lisa keeps current through attending intensive conferences with leading neuroscientist in this field as well as with persistent reading and research.

In her free time, Lisa may be found outdoors paddle boarding, running, biking, reading, and meditating. Often times, Lisa is accompanied by her rescue dog, Perry Terry. Lisa is, also, an artist creating jewelry and painting.

Lisa founded the Terry Mindfulness Center LLC in 2015 to gather other practioners to join her with the mission of creating a mindful community one person at a time. Then, in 2018, Lisa teamed up with a colleague to co-create Terry Mindfulness & Long Wellness Center to further expand services and establish a place for people to receive professional assistance.

TMLW Center offers a variety of services from like-minded, yet diverse, wellness licensed professionals offering counseling to all ages, group meditations, acupuncture, and massage therapy. Specialized workshops and classes in Dialectic Behavioral Therapy, meditation, art, and healing sciences are offered at the Terry Mindfulness & Long Wellness Center.

Brandy Lore

Brandy Lore is a health and wellness advocate. She loves embracing all that is natural, from making her own laundry soap to harvesting plants for medicinal uses.  On her off time, Brandy enjoys outings with her family and caring for her beloved pets, who are like her children. She thrives in her garden but her true happy place is in the mountains, particularly the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina. At Mind & Body of Vero, Brandy manages all our clients appointments and keeps the spa running smoothly. She looks forward to helping clients on their wellness journeys.

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Mindfulness & Meditation Therapy

Meditation helps people with chronic illness…lower pain levels, decrease emotional response to pain and other symptoms that are emotionally upsetting and disabling, lower feelings of nervousness, restlessness and anxiety, healthy coping & lowers depression, improve sleep, cultivate more compassion & love for yourself, it’s good for the caregiver…Ultimately leading all who practice it regularly to improved quality of your life~

Meditation eventually gives you more choices, additional coping skills and a different perspective regarding your challenging condition and/or circumstances. ~Improves Thought & Emotional regulation~ How to use mindfulness throughout your day!

Essential Oil Therapy

What are Essential Oils?
Essential Oils are the most powerful part of the plant.
They are distilled from shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, fruit rinds, resins and herbs and consist of hundreds of different organic compounds and constitutes. In humans, they provide support for every system in the body: skeletal system, muscular system, circulatory system, endocrine system & hormones, your respiratory system & immune system. They help support & balance all of those. They support brain health & a healthy weight. Essential oils have enhanced lives for thousands of years, offering a variety of benefits from cosmetic and dietary purposes. Meditation and relaxation. Young Living has always been at the forefront of bringing this ancient tradition to modern users, introducing millions to emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness that can be truly life-changing.

Why Young Living?
Our company grows their own plants, owns their own fields & controls the entire process from seed to seal – from the farm to the sealed bottle. Pesticides, pollution, previously farmed land – all of it can affect the quality of an oil. Extracted through careful steam distillation, resin tapping, and cold pressing, the purest essential oils are far more powerful than the botanicals from which they come. Any time you hold a bottle of Young Living’s powerful essential oils, you hold nature’s pure essence. We ensure this process is completed with the highest satisfaction of standard as Young Living’s oils are the purest. With Young Living’s Seed to Seal process. It’s a promise of integrity. Check it out here.


Restorative Yoga

With the support and validation of evidence-based studies, clients will appreciate the benefits of these gentle yoga practices, including increased energy, improved cardiovascular function, stress relief, pain management and mental/emotional resiliency.

Classes are open to all levels of fitness and health. Props such as chairs, blankets or bolsters may be used to support injuries or other limitations.

Class sizes are small and students will receive personal attention. Space is limited. Preregistration is recommended.

Nutritional Counseling

“Are you sick of suffering from digestive challenges, autoimmune disease, chronic inflammation, skin issues, or food sensitivities? Did you know that roughly 70% of our immune system lives in our GUT? I work side by side to take you on the path of healing with the right foods.”

My services at Mind and Body will include a Comprehensive Nutrition Assessment and 7 day anti-inflammatory meal plan with recipes and shopping list. Further services available at my practice in Vero Beach.

Neuromuscular & Swedish Massage

Massage is a variety of pressures applied to the superficial tissue of the body, by hands and arms in changing movements or strokes such as – effleurage, petrissage and tapotement. This is done by mild to deep pressure and movement, stretching of the muscles and underlying fascial tissue of the body, accompanied by oils or lotions – coconut, nut or essential oils and lotions that are unscented and hypoallergenic with a rich, luxurious glide to them, nourishing the skin and hydrating the muscles. Some methods may include using Hot Salt Stones, as we do, with a CBD oil – under .03%. The techniques are varied depending on the outcome desired from these sessions.

Nutrient & Vitamin Therapy

IV Therapy is valuable for a multitude of reasons. Vitamins, when taken orally, are only absorbed 10-20 percent and then excreted since they must go through the digestive system. By feeding vitamins, minerals and other natural substances straight into the bloodstream, the digestive system is avoided and 100% of the nutrients are absorbed. We can safely distribute larger doses into the bloodstream that would not otherwise be tolerated by the stomach or digaestive system. Our shots, or intramuscular medications are a quick and easy way to give you the boost you need, from energy to general health.