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MicroNutrient Testing


NutrEval FMV

Nutrition is powerful!  A few simple tweaks can make a big difference in your body and how you feel. Testing can help pinpoint where to make adjustments. Poor nutrition contributes to many chronic diseases. Rather than treating your symptoms, optimizing nutrition may actually help address the root cause of your ailments.

The right amounts of vitamins and minerals are needed to keep your body running smoothly, which can boost your metabolism, give you more energy, and stabilize your weight.

* Healthy fats decrease inflammation and protect the heart and brain.

* Proteins and amino acids from your diet can affect your mood.

* Genova’s tests identify subtle imbalances related to many common health issues that can be found before standard labs can detect them.

* Genova nutritional testing measures 100’s of areas in the body that are impacted by poor nutrition. Your results are presented in a personalized report so that your doctor can help create a plan specific to your needs.

The NutrEval test allows insights on how nutrition and the environment are impacting your body. Testing can reveal toxic exposures and measure your body’s ability to neutralize those toxins.

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Food Allergy & Sensitivity Testing

food sensitivity testing

Infinite F.A.S.T. Testing

A Comprehensive Food Antigen Test designed to identify the ways food may be responsible for both acute and chronic symptoms.

* Sensitivities can increase inflammation throughout the body driving many other conditions.

* Allergies and sensitivities in response to foods may cause a variety of symptoms within the body ranging from mildly uncomfortable to severe and life-threatening.

* IgE and IgG should be measured together because they each independently play a role in symptoms to foods. You can either have an allergy/IgE response, or a sensitivity IgG response and both are independent of the other and create inflammation in the body.

* The inflammatory process that starts in the gut can spread and even be more symptomatic in places outside of the gut.

* Many conditions such as headaches, pain and even depression have a gut-based cause but manifest in other areas of the body.

By adding the Comprehensive Food Allergy and Sensitivity Panel to your wellness plan, you can identify and treat the root cause of symptoms earlier by targeting problem foods and creating customized elimination diet plans.

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Call us today to schedule a 15 minute complimentary consult with our Nutrient Therapy team to discuss your testing options.